Healthy But Delicious Snacks

Who says that healthy food choices doesn’t have to be delicious? When the majority of us think about snacking we immediately go for that bag of casino chips or cookies but there are many other delicious alternatives. Not only are these snacks tasty however they can assist us lose some weight at the same time.

1. Hummus & Carrots. Hummus serves as a tasty dip for several vegetables rendering it a perfect healthy snack alternative. If you don’t like carrots then that’s fine, you need to use cucumber, peas, avocado or basically any vegetable while they all compliment the flavors of hummus. Another added benefit is niagra snack has lots of fibre and therefore you’ll not go hungry for awhile.

2. Greek Yoghurt & Honey. This is usually the first thing I opt for when I’m feeling hungry. Not only is Greek yoghurt delicious but it has elevated levels of protein; ideal for endurance, weight training exercise and muscle recovery. Although you may think honey is detrimental because of its sugar content, it genuinely contains essential minerals and vitamins that really help the body to dissolve cholesterol and fats. The two together? Delicious, healthy and may fill you up.

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3. Fruit & Nut Bars. Sometimes we crave a snack to satisfy our sweet tooth. Instead of reaching for that chocolate bar try an all-natural snack bar instead. They are good options for fibre, lacking in sodium, are made from natural ingredients for example almonds and cranberries and to top everything off they’re set with minerals and vitamins. One bar is just around 150-200 calories. Keep one in your pocket the whole day to have an instantly sweet, healthy and filling snack.

4. Olives. At other times we crave a snack to satisfy a salty craving. Olives are a great option for this. They are abundant with antioxidants, monounsaturated fats and minerals. A serving of five olives contains just about 25 calories.

5. Popcorn. Popcorn only needs a couple of minutes to get ready and falls a goody come movie night. Not only is it filling because of the high fibre content but it’s healthy as a result of high protein and vitamin B content. Not to mention it’s also delicious. (Make sure you buy the devoid of fat salty popcorn rather than the sweet type which is full of sugars). So there you have it 5 healthy but delicious snacks that are great for at any time during the day. These snacks may help facilitate weight loss.